About Kim Miles

After working in film for many years I returned to still photography / art photography eventually discovering that with simple photo editing software I could deconstruct/manipulate an image and make it completely different.
I never know the end result and this makes it very experimental/creative.It’s exciting work as there is always the possibility of arriving at something unknown/different/powerful/evocative.
I’m interested in abstraction/distortion/chaos, similar to the art of Francis Bacon.
Also the boldness/colour/simplicity/audacity of Andy Warhol and Pop Art.
Also influenced by the punk ethos of imperfection/energy/breaking rules.
I prefer a rough result with visible pixels/digital markings rather than a technically pristine image.
It is, and has the appearance of painting electronically.
Much of the current work has reflected the Covid 19 times and has had a strong and gratifying response from viewers.
I am intrigued by the future relationship between art and computers.
Greyscale portrait of Kim Miles with shoulder length hair
“Love it, dreamy and terrifying at the same time.” “Disturbing, thought provoking, brilliant. It seems dismal? Depressing? I don’t like looking at it. Well done.” “This picture and title really speak to how I’m feeling right now.” “Very powerful…..this is quite amazing.” “This is something of a kind!” “Oh, I love it…..I feel it.” “Dreamy and terrifying at the same time.” “Something really intriguing, almost sinister.”